Could be that Pickleball will help Paddle Tennis grow

Sonia Ode Lucci is Solergy-she is a 12 time National PADDLE Tennis winner now playing alot if Pickleball and loving both sports.

SONIA is very often at Venice Beach playing Pickleball and she lives to play both sports.
She says there is no competition and body’s in motion is what sports is all about.
And XTP sports now has the new 27 gram outdoor pickleball that is the go to ball at the beach.
So pick up a paddle of either- Paddle Tennis or Pickleball and head on over to Venice Beach and if you see Sonia she will very likely take time to hit some balls with you.Both sports are great and they should be co-striping courts so they can be used for either sports.
Truly.john of

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  1. Thanks so much John, for everything you are doing to help Paddle Tennis and Pickleball grow.

    I absolutely love the XTP/VENICE Pickleball Ball. It is the official ball at the Brentwood Country Club, Santa Monica Pickleball and in Venice Beach Pickleball, we only use XTP/VENICE Pickleball Balls.

    The XTP/VENICE Pickleball Ball is the most durable ball in the market. It has control and a great pop when it’s hit. So far only 2 balls that I know have broken, after being in play for over a month.

    We are getting rave reviews about the XTP/VENICE Pickleball Ball. My friend Jim Gartner from Michigan purchased 12 of the balls to represent XTP/Venice Pickleball. Thank you so much for everything you are doing for Paddle Tennis and Pickleball.

    Sonia:like you always say 2 sports on 1 court,,you can play both Pickleball and Paddle Tennis on the same court with very minor adjustments. Truly.john of

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